Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog2Print: Try it- it's great!


If you want to see your electronic words in hardcopy print HERE IS YOUR CHANCE.  Some of us enter blogging contests like Bora's Open Lab publication in hopes of being published. But- amind 900 entries what odds are there of actually seeing your name in print?

Blog2Print is a web site that will automatically turn your blog into a book for a small fee. My blog was a total of 60 pages in color and cost about 30$ with all of the shipping costs. I love it- my words are preserved for all of eternity in a hardbound copy I can keep on my shelves.

The best part is you get to dedicate it to someone. Mine is "For my husband John Shamon who makes it all possible."

Good luck becoming a hardcopy published author. You don't even have to win a competition to do it!