Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My wonderful husband babysits for me on Tuesday evenings so I can attend a local women's Bible Study. It's a chance for me to get away for a bit. Often its literally for a bit:  I get a call to return to a frantically crying baby.

In talking with these women every week I see all different perspectives. The women come from a variety of backgrounds, ages and stages of life. A few women are single while there are two women who have been married (to the same person) for over fifty years.  Many times we discuss triumphs and successes. And often struggles come into the discussion.

Tonight our speaker, the pastor's wife, shared a bit about her struggle with her prodigal nephew. Apparently this nephew has left home and really strayed from decent people and a decent lifestyle. In the small group it came up that other people have children who have strayed away from ways that are good.

In parenting it is so hard to know how to guide children to make the right decisions when they grow older. I'm just starting and seeing how easy it is to misguide a child. I want to do everything in my power to correctly guide her in choosing a positive and healthy life.

I hope to gain more and more insight into this as time goes by. My bookshelf is filling up with books with ideas about this. As I read about how to start a 529 plan and raise an infant I also have this larger goal in the back of my head.

How does one properly guide a  child?