Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Aluminum, mercury and vaccines

An area of chemistry I would like to explore is how aluminum affects the body. Specifically, I would like to explore the metabolism, side-effect profile and overall toxicity of aluminum in the infant body.

My child is just starting vaccinations and I am learning about the process. Luckily, one doctor wrote a book about all the current vaccines, their chemistry (as is currently known), side effects, possible risks and his overall recommendations for each one. I have chosen to follow some of his advice. Sad, but true that it is worthwhile to question the overall medical establishment on this one.

I won't mention the name of the book because my own family loathes it. Yes, loathes it. Generally, medical professionals resent someone (especially someone from their own profession) questioning the recommendations of the academy. The academy has a recommended sequence of vaccinations that every child should receive. Unfortunately, as I am learning,there are some legitimate concerns with that list of recommendations. And the book that I discovered outlines those concerns and concedes that some of them are valid concerns. One of those concerns involves the role of aluminum as an activating agent in vaccines and our true lack of knowledge about how it affects the body.

So the dilemma becomes this: Do I comply with the establishment rules and have the regular schedule of vaccines given to my child? Or do I listen to valid concerns about aluminum research and our lack of knowledge about how aluminum affects the body. We don't know why autism and other disorders are multiplying. Perhaps this condition is due to some medical practice (like vaccinations) that has not been well researched.

The real answer to the problem is to wait many, many years until the health of large numbers of babies can be analyzed. We can't really run a control study with vaccinated and unvaccinated babies. Any volunteers? We could never find enough people to participate.

I hope we don't have an outbreak of polio in the US any time soon. According to the alternative vaccines schedule my child won't get that vaccines until past her first birthday. And that is just the risk I'm willing to take in order to minimize chemical/vaccines/aluminum exposure in my small, vulnerable, developing infant child.

There is no easy answer to this problem.