About This Blog

This blog started as a way to review science in mainstream media. Then one day I got the long-awaited phone call: "Would you teach for us?"

I was a community college chemistry teacher until I took a break to give birth to my beautiful daughter. I loved it. I used this blog to further elaborate about concepts with my students.

This blog has turned into the outlet of intellect for a stay-at-home mom who craves intellectual stimulation. I review books, discuss issues and try to come back to the main theme of why I started this blog in the first place: science and culture.

Now I truly understand the difficulties in balancing work life and home life. Hats off to moms around the world!

If you are a child or have children, check out my other blog just for kids: Stoichiometric Basics. Hope you find what you are looking for there!

All questions about content should be sent to julieawissd@yahoo.com Thanks!