Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seeing the glass as half full, not half empty

I was just reading about Victoria Beckham's life. She is a 37-year-old mom of four who is also a very successful model, dress designer and fashion enthusiast. The article basically stated that she admitted to being very, very tired. She is up in the night with her 7-month old baby Harper as well as up in the night to take international calls about her fashion line. She stated she is very happy with her life despite her exhaustion.

I can relate with her. It is incredibly rewarding to feel like you are part of the world; and a big part of the world is the work world. For her, it is worth the exhaustion that she feels to have all of those rewarding parts of her life fit together.

I first took note of Victoria Beckham when she was pictured as a guest at William and Kate's wedding last April. I had heard of her before but not really noticed her until I realized her baby was due within days of mine. (In fact, I think we had the same due date.) As the wife of soccer-great David Beckham, she lacks no spotlight and could very easily get by without any career at all- I'm sure David brings in a hefty check to support their four kids. But no, she has decided to make way in the world on her own. She has her own career, her own income and her own claim to fame. And for that I give her applause. She is living all aspects of her life to the fullest and, despite her exhaustion, is feeling very rewarded.

I am struggling with my own lot in life at the moment. I have chosen a home life for the first year of my baby's life. I say "chosen" because it was a decision that made sense when I got pregnant. It was more of a sequence of events that led my income to be eclipsed by my husband's. If anyone's income weren't to be missed it would be mine. So it made sense for me to forego a few career committments to take time for our baby. And I'm not sorry. But I do have pangs of longing when I see articles like the one about Victoria Beckham. There are women out there who do it all. And it is very rewarding. Perhaps next fall I'll get a chance to rejoin them in the workplace.