Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Children's Book on the Elements

I was envisioning what a children's book on the elements might look like:

-   A cross between the Sesame Street version of Law and Order and something like Dr. Seuss with a bunch of funny word combinations. (In SS Law and Order the detectives go on a quest to find a delinquent letter of the alphabet on the run)
-  A narrative in which carbon walks around in chains a bit like Marley when he haunts Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (Carbon has a tendency to form chains and this illustrates this basic characteristic)
-  A narrative in which an oxygen-hydrogen structure sucks everything else to stick to it (like hydrogen bonding)
-  A narrative with a nosy and busybody fluorine molecule that buries itself deep in everybody's business/lives. It buries itself in people's lives and then creates deep damage.

There are so many other character traits that could be developed from the elements chemical behaviors. It would be fun (and challenging) to create such a story with all of this information. And- hopefully it would make the element characteristics more fun to learn and remember for children.