Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Improved Test Scores: Why and How

Standard Learning Objective Quiz Results for Introductory Chemistry

Fall 2012 Results

2/19 students got 8/8

5/19 students got 7/8

3/19 students got 6/8

6/19 students got 5/8

2/19 students got 4/8

1/19 students got 3/8

Spring 2013 Results (after implementation of online homework system)

4/21 students got 8/8 

5/21 students got 7/8

4/21 students got 6/8

5/21 students got 5/8

3/21 students got 4/8

These scores are, I believe, proof that an effective online homework system can make an overall difference in student comprehension. Especially in a discipline like chemistry, it is so easy to complete a homework assignment and not understand what overall concepts were reinforced by that assignment. An online homework system can give students the chance to complete an assignment, receive tutorial help with the assignment and real-time feedback on the accuracy of their answers. Then later they can go back and redo the problem for review (practice for the final exam).

As you can see from my small sample size, more students in my class scored 6,7,8 (out of 8) after the implementation of an online learning homework system.