Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Financial Regulations to Hurt Farmers?

There is an article in the Wall Street Journal today that tugged at my heart. Yes, now I am living a city life in southern California. However, believe it or not, my relatives were farmers on the plains.

So- when Nebraska farmers made the front page of the Wall Street Journal I perked up and read the entire article. This article helped me understand the risks that farmers take every year when they sell their crops for money. I didn't realize the similarities of the process to stocks/investing on Wall Street. Hedging, derivatives, locking in a profit at the expense of missing a windfall of money......It looks really complicated.

I just hope that Obama and his crew are working in the best interest of these delicate souls. Their new financial bill has some changes for the way this business is conducted. They should know that the well-being of an already disappearing way of life is at stake.

I'm rooting for the small-town farmers out there all the way. You've chosen a hard life- but with some definite rewards that southern Californians miss.