Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Psychological Effects of Eating

Bravo for researchers! I'm happy to see research delve into the greatest threat to our American life- obesity.

An article in the Wall Street Journal today called "Stomach vs Brain: Discovering Why Some People Can Resist Dessert While Others Can't" describes work being done by neuroscientists on the chemical reactions going on in the body while people eat. Specifically, they compare the chemistry of obese people while eating to the chemistry of normal-weight people. And. there is a striking difference between the two.

While you might expect a different reaction in the body chemistry of these different groups while they are actually eating, surprisingly, their bodys' chemical reactions are different if you even show them pictures of dessert foods.

One thing is for sure: Obesity is a medical condition that affects the way your brain and your entire body chemistry functions. Once you become obese you are now vulnerable to a whole new set of chemical reactions in your body that can be the beginning of the end. Moral of the story? Eat right, exercise and take care of your body.