Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best of Science Writing Online 2012- my comments

I downloaded the galleys for this and took a peek. Unfortunately, I am still somewhat averse to reading a complete book online.  This may turn out to be a problem in the future if all books are strictly electronic, so I better get used to it now!

Time is limited for me right now so I just wanted to make a few comments about it. Overall it looks good. A  variety of topics are covered and a wide variety of educational/writing backgrounds included.

The one main criticism that I have is that it would seem to make more business sense to make the entries shorter and include more of them. In this competitive world of science writing, including more people means building a team of colleagues. With the science reporting industry quickly dying and the the newspaper industry as a whole becoming obsolete, this publication of online writing seems to be the perfect place to create opportunities.

I write this blog strictly to connect with students and provide a perspective in the chemistry world that isn't mainstream. Let's face it- there are very few research professors out there in chemistry who are women with children. I'd like to be a face of change in that perception. Although I am not in research, I have a master's degree and I teach at the junior college level.

For people out there who are unable to teach or have no other way of making a living, perhaps a publication in Best of Science Writing Online (or something similar) might be just the opportunity they need to launch their career.

So to the editors and people in charge of this publication I ask the question: Are you making editorial decisions in the best interest of the field as a whole?