Tuesday, November 17, 2020

My front yard

 If you have ever tried to maintain a healthy, green lawn in Southern California you know that it is like pouring water down a long, dry well. It also takes a separate bank account to fund the watering of a lawn. Well, its not that bad. But almost. This summer I spent countless hours in my front yard adding extra water to certain spots that were brown. We share our front yard with a neighbor whose property sits behind ours -theirs is the corner lot of our neighborhood. One of the back corners of our front yard is in direct view from their front door- so we try to collaborate efforts on our lawn/front property. I think of the guy next door as the garden guy- he also washes his car a lot in his smooth, long driveway- which he lets us use for rollerblading for my 7 and 9 year olds.

Anyway- turns out the garden guy is the virus guy. I knew he did something in public health but I didn’t realize he was a virus expert. I told him I wanted to learn more about viruses and he went into his house and got me a book. He said, “my student wrote this book.” So- there you have it. My next door neighbor is a virus expert.

This will keep me busy until I get the new vaccine. I have my own expert sitting next door.