Thursday, January 05, 2012

stroller traffic

I've reached one of those age-milestone markers in life. I am now aware of stroller traffic and stroller parking places. It is comparable to the milestone reached by seniors when they move into the retirement communities and suddenly become aware of wheelchair/walker parking places and traffic in the hallways.

I was walking with my stroller (baby happily strapped in) in my residential neighborhood on a smoothly-paved sidewalk with disability-accessible curbs. I stopped briefly to adjust my baby's hat or socks only to be barraged  by two teenage skate-boarders racing to school. Yes, racing. The disability-accessible sidewalks make racing on a skateboard as easy as taking an uninterrupted walk with a stroller. Luckily, I was able to remove my stroller from the sidewalk to the grassy area next to it. Close call- just another example of my latest milestone-marker of life.

I have graduated to middle-aged mom.