Saturday, March 10, 2012

About Maria Shriver's blog

There is the most wonderful post on Maria Shriver's blog written by a woman who was an executive in publishing. It basically outlines her life from rising star to mother of two with a consuming career and then back to stay-at-home mom after she quit her job.

Typical scenario really- executive female realizes she is missing out on the best part of her life by not staying home. This time I thought of something new while I was reading about what was otherwise not a unique situation.

Some of the most precious achievements and moments in life come without any effort, planning or money. The moment your babies are born every minute seems like a treasure. The feedings, diapers, late-nights and accidents.....all of this is so mundane but irreplaceable with any other experience in life.

I say this with a twinge of regret because I too want it all in life. I want the career, the power, the money, AND I want to have my husband and children as well. I know, however, that if I had all of those things I would go  nuts. Believe me, it has happened before. I end up hating every part of my life that I am supposed to enjoy. Hobbies and other enjoyments become chores when I am so stressed out I cannot function.

I cannot do it all and so I say I do not want to do it all. But I do. I really do want it all. I just cannot have it all and maintain my sanity.