Friday, March 16, 2012

My Search for a Nanny.....

So the latest news on this is the amount of money that it costs to hire a separate company to hire/fire and pay my nanny.

And the conclusion is that this is way too expensive. It is twenty-one dollars an hour to hire a temporary nanny who is covered by social security and unemployment through an agency. That is absolutely ridiculous. I could end up paying more for childcare than I make as a salary. Add gas for the commute on top of that (I drive up to Irvine) and the costs associated with working could easily surpass my income.

It's too bad the law doesn't allow honest people to hire a nanny without making them reach so far into their pocketbook that they decide it is more cost-effective to stay home.

I'm thinking I hope one of John's relatives volunteers to do childcare for my daughter. This seems so much easier than formal nanny/childcare. How do people do it? I honestly don't know.